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Application of Database Management System (DBMS) to Library Functions in the National Library of Nigeria

Vol. 30. Nos. 1, Jan. - Jun. 2021

Grace Eruotor

Attitude, Information and Communication Technology Skills and Use of Electronic Resources by Undergraduates in Federal University Libraries in South-West Nigeria

Vol. 26. Nos. 1 & 2, Jan. - Dec. 2017

Akporhonor, Blessings Amina (Ph.D) , Samuel, Olufemi Olusegun

Agenda Point

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Digitization and Development of National Repository of Nigeria (NRN).

Agenda Point

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Virtual Library Services Development.

Agenda Point

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Automation of Library Operations and Services.

Agenda Point

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Enhancing the Branch Libraries Environment.

Agenda Point

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Providing Library Services to the Hard to Reach.

Agenda Point

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Enhance Literacy Sensitization and Encourage Documentation of Family Heritage in Indigenous Languages.

Agenda Point

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Expansion and Strengthening of the National Library Archives.

Agenda Point

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Collaborating with Schools to Ensure Establishment and Management of Libraries for the Promotion of Reading.