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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The Nigerbiblios is an official journal of National Library of Nigeria. I ti s a peer review journal covering all areas of Librarianship as well as emerging technologies in information and knowledge management. The Journal seeks to promote scholarship research in Library and Information Science.

  • Bi-Annual (twice a year)

  • 1. Only Electronic copy should be send via nigerbiblios Email.
    2. Contributions should not exceed fifteen (15) pages in length, typed 12 font size and double spacing using Microsoft Office word.
    3. An Abstract should not be more than 150 word citing the following
    (a) Background and purpose of study
    (b) Method using incliding description of subjects research materials and analytical as well as main findings and conclusions
    (c) All references must be in line with current edition of the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) format.

  • You can Send your publication to National Library of Nigeria via our email channel

  • All payments should be made in favour of National Library of Nigeria through the Treasury Single Account TSA (Remita Platform) and evidence of payment should be sent to the Editor in Chief via Nigerbiblios email address.

  • A non refundable assessment fee of Seven thousand naira (7.000) and after the assessment/review, the author will have to pay eight thousand naira publication fee totaling fifteen thousand naira only.

  • Yes, because it’s a professional journal.

  • No, Nigerbiblios welcomes articles from Librarians, Information Science, Docunemtalists, and Researchers in the Library and Information Science profession.

  • Yes, its beneficial to researchers, teachers and other information seekers.

  • Yes, it has been registered and approved by Ajol (African Journals Online).